Harel Computer and Information Systems was established in 2007 as a small business and a big dream. A decade has gone by and today, the company has become a leading organization in its field, providing comprehensive computing and integration services to hundreds of business customers and leads to change both in terms of quality of service to end-users and in the professional-technological aspect. The company- revolutionary in its field, provides its customers with the ability to cover all computing services, Communications, information security, low voltage systems, software and hardware on a single platform where all systems are fully integrated.

Harel Computer and Information Systems is a business partner and distributor of the world's leading software and hardware companies, and is goal focused with our business customers in order to maximize and implement suitable technological solutions for every heterogeneous computerized environment that changes in every business.​

Harel Computer and Information Systems is a company that combines a wide variety of fields and activities that provide the business customer with an industrial piece by appealing to one central factor instead of a various different professionals:


  • Comprehensive computer services - Full support for computer and communication networks, a professional telephone support center that provides remote support to thousands of users every year by seeking remote solutions - saving a lot of money and waiting time for the arrival of a technician to come to the business. In case the problem is not solved remotely, technicians and computer network managers arrive at the clients' offices.
  • Computer equipment and peripherals: maintenance and selling computers, monitors, televisions ,peripherals, all types of software and hardware, low voltage systems and more...
  • Laboratory for laptop and desktop computers.
  • Passive and active infrastructures (wired and wireless) - deployment of communication cables, deployment of wireless antennas and building of communication control cabinets.
  • Security systems and low voltage systems - CCTV cameras, alarms, Entrance and control systems, intercom and attendance time clocks.
  • Telephony - IP telephony.
  • Servers and information security:  servers from the world's leading manufacturers, communications equipment and managed switches, firewalls, anti-virus software, mail filtering and more ...
  • Backups - Local backup and cloud backup with encryption technology and recovery level of 30 versions per file.
  • Barcode readers and printer solutions: Sale of wquipment from the world`s leading manufactures.


All technologies for businesses, factories and offices are concentrated in one place, based on a selected team of experts with decades of experience and top-quality human capital. Harel Computer and Information Systems provides computer services and support to dozens of law firms, accountants, industries and factories, public traded companies, hi-tech and biotech companies, private businesses and more.

The company celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017, a decade of experience in selling and assimilating all the leading products in the IT market in order to provide its business customers with the widest possible IT shell.

The company has been carrying out a wide range of projects throughout Israel with technological capabilities and a broad, comprehensive vision in establishing computer infrastructures in large and complex projects.

Professional IT Consultation Services - IT professionals who provide proficient and comprehensive advice on all aspects of the world of computing.

It does not matter whether you have a small office with five employees or a factory with 500, our company has the experience, knowledge and technology to create a computerized and easy to manage work environment that is suitable for any business and its technological needs.




Professional IT Services


בינה נט תקשורת ומחשבים
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Harel -  Professional IT Services

Ze'ev Zabotinsky 16 ST. Rishon Lezion

Office 311 , 3RD Floor


Phone: 03-9477499

Fax: 03-5243559

Mail: harel@harel-tech.co.il